Our Motto : "Rejuvenation of India."

Our Belief : Deeds speak more than words.


INDIA ON THE MOVE – PHILOSOPHY India on the move is a socio – economic reforming movement an off shoot of VDM, an NGO without any profit motives, established two decades ago under the stewardship of Acharya Ajit with like-minded


INDIA ON THE MOVE – OBJECTIVES Educating Urban & Rural population on hygienic way of living, cleaning & sanitation conditions wherever possible providing the infrastructure facilities. Educating farmers in utilizing water resource & rain harvesting for better cultivation. Educating economically


Conducted retreats every month “for personality development and transformed the lives of 16841 men and women of different ages brought up in different environments, suffering from various problems of family disputes, financial failures, career failures, fear psychosis, suicidal tendencies. Traumas