Life Teacher

“If I can guide some soul erring to Truth, inspire with his heart a sense of duty. If I can plant within the soul of a rosy plant a sense of light, a love of truth and beauty. If I can teach one man that god and Heaven are nearer I shall, have not lived in vain while here”.

I don’t know who said it but it’s beautiful because I have seen this philosophy reflect in a great friend & nobel  soul who is here amongst us., Sisters, brothers and wellwishers he is none other than our venerable Guruji “Acharya Sri Ajit”.

As emphasized in the Holy Scriptures the Universe is filled with Divinity and Knowledge. Though nobody can own it everybody can experience and reap its benefits with the guidance of an enlightened “Life Teacher”, who will act as a bridge between truth and its discovery. Hence all of us need a “Guru ” who can guide us in the right path.

Sri Acharya Ajit, a spiritual social economic reformer has come in communion with his respected Gurudev Sri Gopalachary who guided and enlightened him with the spiritual knowledge and enable him to understand discrimination between right and wrong, false and truth, ignorance and knowledge. Eventually leading him to discover the ephemeral, transient and impermanent nature of human life.

We are very fortunate to have him as our “Life Teacher”, according to Acharya, human life starting with the concept of “I “gets involved in the attachments of family, society, etc. Once the “I” is cleansed of its hallucination and the resultant impurities, the family and the society gets purified. Finally its leads to the universal welfare, wherein the one-undivided whole with its inherent illumination fills the entire universe with the same “I” leading the Soul ultimately to merge with universal soul.

He look upon himself the onus of bringing a quantum change in the psyche of Indians and the mankind. Since the basis of this change is truth “spiritual retreats” is the vehicle that aims at bringing this change in the social, economic and spiritual content of Indians.

Now I would like to take my readers down the memory lane and touch upon the Purvasharam of Acharyaji.

SriAcharya Ajit, Born & brought up in West Bengal and completed his formal education in Bengal, Bihar, Orissa as well as in Tamil Nadu. A post Graduate in Management who can converse fluently in 6 languages. He begin his career with Singer Sewing Machine Company in. in USA and grew in the same company to the Senior Management position at a very young age of 30 years. Later he held very important position of Vice-President-Operations in Ziza Organics, a pharma company.

Subsequently, he took up a very challenging assignment of Senior Vice-President-HR in BSCPL Infrastructure Ltd.,(formerly known as M/S B Seenaiah And Company Projects Ltd).

At present he is the Personal Adviser to Sri B Krishnaiah, Chairman BSCPL Group of Companies and his assignment is to establish new business vertical.

He is a visiting guest faculty for the past 20 years to universities,  management institutes, pre university colleges and schools in India and abroad. His strength is teaching, training and development of human resource. In short he is a Very passionate life teacher and an expert in unearthing hidden talent.

He has transformed a village named Dhadeshwar in Karnataka from “Economic Poverty” to “Green Pasture”. This good work has been appreciated by the then President of India, His Excellency Sri K.R.Narayanan, Dy. Prime Minister Sri L.K.Advani and Smt Sumitra Gandhi, granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi.

He is a voracious reader, a very good orator and a great motivator. He has extensively traveled nook and corner of the country and understood the Indian ethos. He has been invited as a guest speaker by foreign countries and wherever he went he took the opportunity to speak about Indian Heritage and its Civilization.

He is also associated with various organizations in the country. The List is very exhaustive. We are mentioning few of them here.

  • Faculty Mentor for “School of Management Studies”— Vignan University, Guntur, A.P.
  • Academic Advisor for lndo Asian Group of Institutions, Bangalore.
  • Member of Academic Council as well as Member Board of Studies – Sri Venateswara College of Engineering and Technology, Chittoor, A.P.
  • Member Governing Council— Brindavan Institute of Technology Sciences Kurnool, AP.
  • Honorary Chairperson of Universal Sacred Order, (NGO).
  • Life Member – National Human Resource Development Network.
  • Member in Journalists Association, A.P.Chapter.

-Dr. K.V.G.S. Murthy